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Channeling is the ability to tap into a higher state of consciousness and speak to otherworldly beings.

ChannelOne is a community for people who are gifted in the arts of channeling, practicing to be a channel, or just interested in the subject. Here people can share stories, techniques, dreams, visions, questions, and theories. We hope to create a community that can educate and offer support for channels both inside and outside your real life communities. Everyone is welcome to join however we ask you to respect a few guidelines.

1. Each being is on there own path and this is not a place for negative criticism. Please respect other peoples methods, beliefs, and guides.

2. If you feel inspired to read for others please do however, This community's focus is that of a comfortable hang out for channels. Please do NOT join this community if your only reason is to receive readings.

3. In this community it is unnecessary to post as "friends only" but out of respect please use an LJcut if your message is long or you have posted pictures.

If you have any problems with anyone please e-mail me and I will research the situation.

Some people are born able to channel all through their lives and some wake up one day and discover they are channels. I believe Channeling to be more than a psychic ability because it stretches beyond regular psychic sight and usually comes with a group of other abilities to help the channel work. Not to mention the fact that channeling can be very dangerous on both spiritual and physical levels. It is my belief that everyone has his or her trials. I feel being a channel is just as much a journey as putting yourself through law/medical school or growing up in a broken home. I also understand that the difference between the former and the latter is the level of support. When I was discovering voices in my head, talking trees, rocks, and animals, and that the world around me was alive in general the only ones who could answer my questions were invisible. I hope we can come together and support each other as brothers and sisters. I pray we can help each other to become the seers we were born to be.

May the spirit of love guide your hearts and your tongues, may the song of the divine pass from your lips to the ears of the countless masses, and may the fires of wisdom and understanding flicker in your eyes.