Mark (mark33) wrote in channelone,

The Healing Power of Mount Tallac

It would seem that the tendonitis that plagued my left knee for many years was definitely healed by the second day on the top of Mount Tallac.

On every hike to the top of any mountain or on any run that I’ve attempted in at least the past decade, the tendonitis would act up. Luis even mentioned, while we were hiking down Tallac on the first day, that I might want to try cortisone treatments. As a last resort, I was almost considering that, as every step down that mountain was a constant ache.

At the last minute, I decided to stay another day at Tahoe, not wanting to leave the place at all, and hike to the top of Tallac a second day, on my own this time, to invoke the energies in the mountain through the repeated practice of The Twelve Blessings. Brian asked me how the knee was, and I was sure that by the second day it would have been far worse than the first.

I was wrong.

There was not the slightest hint of any pain in the knee on the climb up and the trek back down. Not wanting to jump to conclusions, since I haven’t hiked or run since, not until yesterday that is, I didn’t say much about it, but I was suspicious.

Yesterday, I hiked to the top of Mount Baldy in San Bernardino and back down in my usual “record” time, again, without the slightest hint of any discomfort whatsoever in the left knee, something that was completely unheard of for me in this type of activity for many years.

It would seem that the knee is completely healed. And if so, healed no doubt by the energy in Mount Tallac, energy put in that mountain by Jesus through the brilliant channel of that exalted Master of Yoga, George King, making Mount Tallac forever Holy.

There is not the slightest shadow of doubt that the 19 charged mountains throughout the world, 18 of which George King acted as a channel for the glorious, healing, uplifting Spiritual Energies coming from Higher Sources, are indeed Holy and powerful places, the energy of which can be contacted, invoked and sent to the ends of the Earth by those who Pilgrims who go there and pray with pure and unselfish heart.
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