Utopia or Bust (al_aaraaf) wrote in channelone,
Utopia or Bust

write with him then child write with him, and perhaps something will come out. the lines draw near, nearer to the appointed time..listen, fool child! listen! perhaps...listen with the dream-sense, listen with that and hear me better. can you see me in the air? perhaps you can child perhaps you can - concentric circles like rings in waterair but nary do the feel. slowly child? quick works just as well. converse with me. listen to the voice and perhaps you may feel truth sooth, child, sooththe fire grows in those who listensilly child who fabricates you are just write let it flow,flumens like a river...river of words...you write from the head not from the deeper let the body go limp and there let it flow let it flow like spring melt ..like the wind, that is my voice child, that is my voice. my name is alun - feel me here feel me...listen loose and well. *crucifix image*

I've been in the practice of saying the words Alunthearei Elohim as a sort of benediction, if you take the Alun as a seperate word, then this article I found becomes rather interesting:

Researches show that as in the case of most mythologies the first lispings of Hebrew faith had to do with trees, and especially the oak--usually the first temple, altar or Bethel of mankind. Under the Aluns, as "monarchs of the grove," Hebrews usually forgathered on solemn occasions, and here they communed with Jahvê, Elohim or Alêim, i.e. spirits, Jins or Nâts, as Asia commonly terms these...we must...investigate accurately the fundamental data establishing this original arboreal cult, as it is found in the Old Testament, Koran and Hebrew traditions.' [334].

Alun and Elohim are markedly hebrew, I knew Elohim from before I started saying it...Alunthearei (complicated spelling with the double vowels to make sure it's being pronounced right - the ea and ei should work as one vowel...), appears to be spontaneous. thearei, or Θήάρέί...yeah go figure for that one too.
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