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Proven UFO Contact

As above, so below. As there are higher etheric realms which are inhabited on this Earth, so on the other, higher planets in this solar system there are higher and more subtle realms which are inhabited. The inhabited realms of these other planets are of a higher vibrational frequency than any of the realms connected with this Earth because of the advancement of life on those worlds.

Realize that all the realms on this Earth or any other planet are physical. Doubt of the legitimacy of that statement would diminish upon death or through astral projection to the subtle planes. The body, too, that one uses on a subtle plane is physical. A chair, for instance, would be just as much a chair on a higher realm as it is on this realm.

Dr. George King had been in telepathic contact with advanced Intelligences from the higher realms of other planets within this Solar System since 1954 and this contact continued right up until his death in 1997.

All of the telepathic contacts of George King, in which his voice was used by the communicating Intelligences, were tape recorded while he was in a highly evolved state of Samadhi. Voice analysis has been done on these Transmissions by outside agencies and these proved to be absolutely consistent, a proof in itself especially when you consider that no less than 14 different extraterrestrial Intelligences have spoken through George King, in this way, for a period of over 25 years.

This is an extraordinary feat which a mimic could not reproduce. George King was certainly not a mimic, but a highly evolved Medium and an enlightened Master of many forms of Yoga.

The following are a few examples of the fascinating nature of Transmissions received through George King. They are quite shocking in their content because of the information that they contain. The information given in these Transmissions are just a few examples of many that prove the legitimacy of Dr. King’s contact with advanced extraterrestrials for over 40 years.

In 1958, there was a nuclear accident in the Soviet Union in the Ural Mountains where there was a nuclear waste dump. The dump gradually started to generate heat and blew, and when it blew, it blew two mountains down! When the scientific team went to investigate what had happened, they didn’t even land because all that they found were millions of tons of rock. This accident was completely covered up by the Soviet government.

Shortly after this, The Aetherius Society received a Cosmic Transmission, through George King whilst in Samadhic Trance, stating that this accident had happened as well as various details about the accident. This was published in the Aetherius Society journal, Cosmic Voice, and copies were sent to governments throughout the world including the Kremlin. It must have shocked the Bolsheviks the most when they found that a small, spiritual organization in England knew about their mishap when the rest of the world didn’t!

Eighteen years later, in 1976, a Soviet scientist, who was working in the area at the time of the accident, defected and was granted asylum in Britain. He was interviewed by the British scientific journal, New Scientist. New Scientist, upon publishing this interview, thought that they were the first to reveal this information to the world. They later admitted, after realizing that The Aetherius Society had published this information years before that they had been, in their words, “scooped by a UFO”!

The Soviet Union didn’t even admit that the accident had happened until 1989, and at that, they tried to diminish the severity of it.

Here is another example of a Cosmic Transmission received through George King from Cosmic sources which contains shocking proof of the absolute legitimacy of his contact. This is but one more example of undeniable proof from the hundreds of examples which could be mentioned.

On October 10, 1957, there was a nuclear accident in Britain at the Windscale nuclear plant. The British government changed the name of Windscale since the accident which is a rather curious aspect of the cover up in itself. It is now called Sellafield.

At the time of the accident, the British government revealed very little. Nineteen days after the accident, upon seeing that the British government had no intention of telling the truth, The Aetherius Society received another Cosmic Transmission through George King from an extraterrestrial source stating that scientists and government officials made no attempt at revealing the truth about the accident at Windscale. This, of course, again was published in Cosmic Voice and copies of the Transmission were sent to the all those connected with atomic research in Britain including the British government.

Years later, in 1983, the British media began to dig back and investigate the accident at Windscale. They found that the information revealed by the British government at the time of the accident was 1/40 of what it should have been.

Later, in 1988, under the 30 year rule, previously classified documents were released. These proved that the British government covered up most of the facts of the accident, proving every word of the Transmission received by George King from Cosmic Sources years before!

Again, in 1957, Dr. King received another Transmission from Cosmic Sources stating words to the effect that due to the insanity of nuclear experimentation on Earth, belts would have to be placed around the Earth to prevent the tremendous amounts of radioactivity generated from traveling through space and disrupting other parts of the Solar System.

One year later, on January 31, 1958, the USA launched the Explorer I satellite under the direction of James Van Allen. It carried a geiger counter to measure cosmic ray intensity for a global survey. The tremendous amount of radioactivity rendered the geiger counter completely ineffective!

In March of that same year, Explorer III revealed that the radioactivity in the upper atmosphere and the area of space just beyond was at least a thousand times higher than they thought that it would be! These belts of radioactivity were then dubbed the ‘Van Allen Belts’ after the scientist who discovered them.

And The Aetherius Society published information about the discovery of Van Allen and his scientists a year before anyone on Earth knew anything about it!
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